Why Clay Doesn’t Work

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Using Clay Correctly

Got your attention, right? People use calcium bentonite clay for many reasons including acid reflux, arthritis, bacterial infections, candida, fibromyalgia, IBS, psoriasis and more. Check out our testimonials to read first-hand accounts from people that use Earth’s Natural® clay. In spite of all this great testimony, we’ve heard of instances where clay doesn’t work. We want you to know why – and when – clay doesn’t work.

How Clay Works

We field calls from people all over the world asking about using our calcium bentonite clay for one thing or another. We start by explaining how calcium bentonite clay works as an intestinal detoxifier. While most people drink clay to address specific ailments, there are others that drink smaller amounts (2 ounces, e.g.) daily for general health and wellness. Calcium bentonite clay is comprised of negatively-charged ionic molecules. When hydrated, they are ‘activated’ and as they travel through the gut, they attract toxins, mucous, bacteria, free-radicals, and any other positively-charged foreign substances in the body. These toxic molecules are both aDsorbed by the surface as well as aBsorbed (like a sponge) between the layers of the bentonite clay molecules. The ability of calcium bentonite clay to both adsorb and absorb makes it such a powerful detoxifying agent.

Our suggestion is to start slowly – and gradually drink more clay over time – depending on what the goal of drinking the clay is in the first place.  Some people drink a small amount daily, others drink larger amounts while on a cleanse for a specified period of time and others take a certain amount daily until a chronic health condition eases.  The book Natural Clay is a great reference to have on hand since 85 of its pages contain A to Z conditions that can be addressed with calcium bentonite clay.

Too Much of a Good Thing

When we hear people say “It didn’t work for me”, we ask them how they introduced it into their routine.  Some people take too much clay out of the gate, get constipated and stop altogether. Drinking clay is like the lottery – you can’t win if you don’t play.

We recommend mixing the clay 1 part clay to 8 parts water and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. This creates a bottle of clay water. For example, in a 32 ounce bottle, place 4 ounces of dry calcium bentonite clay and fill the bottle with water. Watch me mixing up our Drinking Powder on our YouTube channel. From that bottle (regardless of how much was mixed up), we suggest drinking ONE OUNCE A DAY for the first week. This eases the body into a slow detoxification regime. The clay gently goes to work pulling putrefied fecal matter and other ‘gunk’ from the nooks and crannies of the intestines. The more gunk there is in the gut – compounded with too much clay taken at once – the greater the chance of a stop up – or constipation. Should this happen, we recommend cutting back on the clay.

Consistency Is Key

Other people tell us they never got into the habit of using clay regularly or they only tried it a few days and nothing ‘happened’.  It’s true that Rome wasn’t built in a day and for people dealing with chronic health issues, expecting changes overnight is unrealistic. Clay is gentle AND effective – if given the chance. Consistency is key to letting clay make a positive difference in your health. We often share with people that the longer a condition has existed in the body, the longer it can take to eradicate it. But don’t give up! Calcium bentonite clay is both gentle AND safe and if given the time, will help restore the body to homeostasis so it can heal itself.

Making Clay Part of Your Routine

Ah, routines – they’re hard to get into, but easy to break. It takes commitment to oneself and A PLAN to make something part of your routine. Getting clay into your daily life is easy if you have a plan and are committed to making changes.  Try drinking clay at the same time every day – be it first thing in the morning, right after dinner or just before going to bed. If you drink a smoothie for breakfast every morning, try adding a teaspoon of clay to it EVERY day. Since there are no contraindications for consuming clay with food, try incorporating it into a food that you love. One of my favorite recipes is Jorge Cruise’s Skinny Muffin with calcium bentonite clay added. Keep in mind that Earth’s Natural® clay started its life as volcanic ash, so heat is NO PROBLEM when it comes to cooking with it. Not all foods are amenable to having clay added, but get some ideas for recipes we’ve tested and shared on our YouTube channel.

Skinny Shake with Calcium Bentonite Clay


People around the world use clay to address many issues found in our modern world. Calcium bentonite clay is a powerful intestinal detoxifier that is safe enough to use every day. Taking too much clay at once CAN result in constipation, which can be addressed by cutting back. The number one reason clay doesn’t work is that they don’t use it consistently. Incorporate it into your life by taking it at the same time everyday or add it to smoothies and other foods. Give clay a chance for enough time and see what amazing results it can deliver! 


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