Clay is Nature’s “Original” Remedy – Part 2

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With such deep roots in  history, healing clay is a more natural and holistic option with a wide range of uses. Mostly notably, clay has been used for everything from healing and detox to relief from diarrhea, dysentery, and infections.

In part one of this two part post, alternative medicines were defined and we learned how sailors, soldiers, Greeks and Indians used clay as a traditional, reliable remedy. In more recent history, traditional remedies such as clay have since been overshadowed by big business. In this post, we dive into how new technology has revived this forgotten natural remedy that supports overall health and wellness.

The Influential Industry of Pharmaceuticals

The first pharmaceutical was introduced to the mainstream public in 1942. These antibiotics were commonly prescribed in the form of Penicillin. They were very effective in treating infection and stopping the spread of disease. This was the birth of a new industry for prescribed medicines.

Alternative Options Overshadowed

The prescription medications industry is well organized, well connected, and incredibly well funded. Their ability to spend massive amounts of money on advertising has also given them a strong influence on news media.

With expensive TV commercials and convincing news stories, attention shifted from natural remedies and focusing on holistic wellness to pharmaceutical solutions to symptoms. Turning to alternative options or prioritizing preventative health became overshadowed.

Internet Revives Popularity of Natural Remedies

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the internet became publicly available as commercial internet service providers emerged. “The internet’s takeover over the global communication landscape was almost instant in historical terms: it only communicated 1% of the information flowing through two-way telecommunications networks in the year 1993…..and more than 97% of the telecommunicated information by 2007.” [1]

Access to information grew tremendously as more and more people began using the internet. The internet gave traditional medicines a voice in a technology driven world. It quickly became easier for people to share their alternative medicine success stories.

Today, there are thousands of blogs, independent websites, and natural news forums sharing resources on a daily basis. The influx of readily available information and resources is contributing to a growing trend to seek and use natural and alternative remedies. In a 2002 National Health Interview Survey, 75 percent of adults reported having used alternative medicines which include nutritional and herbal supplements, meditation, and therapeutic diets. And that was 11 years ago!

Clay as a Natural Remedy

Pharmaceutical drugs are loosely defined as any chemical substance intended for the diagnosis, cure, treatment, or prevention of disease [2]. Why choose chemicals when there are all natural alternatives?

Instead of over-the-counter pills and chemical laden creams,use a clay compress or poultice to provide relief to localized areas on the body. Skip the mysterious pink drink (think red dye no. 42)  and antacids, and opt for drinking clay to naturally relieve indigestion, acidosis, constipation and diarrhea instead.

Every part of the body reached by the circulatory system can benefit from using clay. It is a n effective, natural alternativethat can help address dozens of ailments. Reconsider which medicines are truly the “alternative” option. Sailors, Greeks, soldiers, and Indians didn’t seek out a prescription of chemicals to for health and wellness and neither do you.


[1]  “The World’s Technological Capacity to Store, Communicate, and Compute Information”, Martin Hilbert and Priscila López (2011), Science (journal), 332(6025), 60–65;




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