Small Business Saturday and Why It Matters

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There are 27,000,000 small businesses in the United States. Small businesses in this country employ tens of millions of people and offer a refreshing alternative to large conglomerations. Small Business Saturday was introduced by American Express in 2010 as a way to give small businesses a better chance to earn some of the millions of holiday shopping dollars spent post-Thanksgiving. Small Business Saturday falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and is on Saturday, November 30th this year.

While rampant consumerism and the over-commercialism of holidays goes against our core values, there is real merit to shopping small businesses. For this reason – and to bring value to our readers – we put together this post for you.

Earth’s Natural Clay is a Small Business

As a small business, Earth’s NaturalClay is grateful for each and every customer that chooses to buy products from us. We strive to be the kind of company you feel good about doing business with through our high-quality clay products, affordable prices, promotions, and our loyalty, affiliate and referral programs. We field calls from people all over the world on the phone and via Skype. And of course let’s not forget our mission to help educate people on nature’s MANY sources of health and wellness!

Small Businesses You Should Know About

In the course of bettering and growing Earth’s Natural Clay, we have come across many other outstanding small businesses. In this post, we share some of our favorites and hope you will consider doing business with them – either on small business Saturday or at some other time. Visit and bookmark their sites, join their newsletter or follow them on social media. The reason Small Business Saturday matters is that there are actual people – with spouses and partners,  parents, children and grandparents, along with brothers and sisters – behind each and every small business. That alone for me makes supporting a small business worthwhile. I much prefer it to a faceless, behemoth corporation.

The Blissful Dog was born out of need. Kathy Dannel Vitcak had tried numerous combinations of products to treat her dogs’ dry, crusty noses. While applying shea butter to her own skin, one of her dogs began licking her skin and Nose Butter was born! Her business supports dog rescue non-profit organizations through fundraising, product donations and social media support. Browse her store here.

When Karen Walker daughter started kindergarten, she showed up to the first day of school with the same pink polka dot backpack as three other girls! Not wanting to put personal information on the bag for all to see, she knew there had to be a better way. Enter Swaggertags! Swaggertags help easily identify both kids’ and adults’ gear without disclosing personal information. Swaggertags received the Top Choice Award by Creative Child Magazine in both 2013 and 2012 and Karen was the first runner up in Mompreneur Award of Excellence in 2013. Browse her store here.

Robin Barr was a chronic cold sore sufferer for most of her life. Then in 1994, her cold sore outbreaks became more frequent and intense as her life became more stressful. At her wit’s end, Robin set out to create an herbal remedy to treat her outbreaks. Her natural remedy for cold sores is Cold Sores BeGone. Cold Sores BeGone is made with anti-viral, natural ingredients, all of which are certified organic. It’s even safe for small children. Browse her store here

Destination Dinners was born when founder Lisa Diamond  (who had been living abroad for 10 years ) realized that in order to enjoy the authentic flavors she grew to love, she had to cook them herself. Back in California, she began collecting and cooking family recipes from abroad. Lisa longed to share the flavors and a bit of the culture for others to enjoy. Since then, Destination Dinners has been offering dinner kits and gift sets online. Lisa also offers Gifts That Give,  specially selected gifts whose proceeds are donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. Browse her store here.

After years of working for other people and doing some soul searching, Melissa Brown knew she wanted more out of life. She also wanted to help others transform their own lives. She became a Certified Holistic Health Coach and as a new mother, began creating non-toxic, safe products for her family.  Two years and two more children later, Radiantly You is making high quality, organic products available at reasonable prices. Radiantly You offers beauty, health, baby and cleaning products online. Browse her store here.



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