Using Bentonite Clay to Age With Vitality

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Is your skin giving away your age? Bentonite clay can help bring back a youthful glow and reverse the signs of aging naturally. Over time, skin can lose it’s luminosity, appear dull, and develop spots of discoloration.  To make matters worse, as time passes skin will also lose it’s elasticity. which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. To regain your rosy lips and smooth skin, you can use calcium bentonite clay to boost circulation and improve your health and wellness. Here are 4 ways bentonite clay can help reverse the signs of aging:

1. Get Back Your Glow with a Clay Face Mask

Not that long ago, I tried using a clay face mask for the first time. I used a simple recipe with Apple Cider Vinegar and my Earth’s Natural® clay Drinking Powder to make the mask at home. You can access the videos about how to make the clay mask here. The smooth consistency of the clay mask made it easy and quick to apply. As time passed, I could feel the mask drying and cracking. My skin was pulsating! This is created by the clay’s ability to increase circulation to the areas of the body where it’s applied. The calcium bentonite clay also has a tightening effect on the areas where it’s applied. For most people, this also creates an improvement in the appearance of the skin, including sagging and fine lines. After rinsing away the mask, my skin felt so soft and smooth. I had regained my youthful glow with  just 1 mask!

2. Detox and Hydrate for Younger Looking Skin

Detoxification  and hydration are inexpensive and easy ways to achieve healthier looking skin naturally. By drinking a glass of clay water each morning, you can support your body in flushing out toxins and get a jump start on your reaching your daily water intake. Even better is to add some lemon juice to warm water immediately upon rising. This will help to support the liver and other detoxification organs that have been busy all night while you’ve been asleep.

 Drinking clay water can help to rid the body of impurities and chemicals absorbed by the skin, from foods we eat, air we breathe, medications and simple metabolic functioning. Every day we come into contact with chemicals in our environment. Household cleaners are some of the most under-recognized chemical laden products we are exposed to on daily basis. Opting for green cleaners is better for you, your family, and the environment. For example, many vinegar based cleaners work just as well as chemical-based cleaners, but without the risk of damaging toxins. Health and beauty products are another unassuming way we expose ourselves to toxic substances. Check out our Pinterest board for more tips on living green.

A properly hydrated body gives our muscles the ability to contract naturally making us look more tone.  If the body is dehydrated, the skin will be dry, and may even crack or itch. This is why drinking at least 8 glasses of water on a daily basis is one of the least expensive and most effective habits for a healthy body

3. Whiten Teeth without Harsh Chemicals

Toothpaste is a hygienic necessity for all of us, but what if you are trying to avoid the toxic chemicals found in many conventional toothpastes? The dose of toxic chemicals we get daily from brushing our teeth is unnecessary. Our Tooth Polish combines pure calcium bentonite clay with food-grade diatomaceous earth. Both calcium bentonite clay has mild abrasive properties and whitening abilities. By polishing off stains that cause yellowing, the teeth are are  whitened. The minuscule particles found in bentonite clay add just enough friction to break up built-up food particles while naturally removing stains. It will also kill bacteria in the mouth, which can contribute to bad breath.


4. Boost Your Mineral Intake for Nourished Skin

People often forget that the skin is an organ; in fact, it’s the largest organ of the body. If we don’t consume enough of the proper nutrients, our skin becomes lackluster and dull. A proper diet rich in nutrients and minerals, low in hydrogenated oils, and packed with proper proteins and complex carbs is essential for healthy, glowing skin.

Independent laboratory analyses performed on Earth’s Natural's calcium bentonite clay demonstrate that it contains more than 70 trace minerals. The three dominant macrominerals in Earth’s Natural clay are Silica dioxide (silicon), Magnesium oxide, and Calcium oxide. The silica dioxide in bentonite clay can help improve elasticity and suppleness of the skin. Calcium is needed for healthy bones, teeth, and skin. The calcium oxide in clay helps to regulate cardiovascular function and blood pressure levels. Proper blood circulation can help give you a natural glow and rosy lips. Magnesium oxide found in Earth’s Natural clay helps regulate blood sugar levels, promote normal blood pressure, and is known to be involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis. 


Incorporating clay into your everyday life can help boost your overall health. A healthier body will naturally reverse the signs of aging. Whether you’re making a clay mask, drinking clay water, or brushing your teeth with clay, your healthier body will thank you. Get started today by visiting our online store.


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