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As you fill out holiday cards, you will find yourself writing your seasons greetings message over and over again. Most people write something like, “Wishing you and your family a healthy and happy holiday season!” But how many of us actually follow through in supporting our friends and family to be healthy during and after the holidays? 

Bentonite Clay – the Ultimate Holiday Gift Idea for Health and Wellness

If you love to give gifts that your friends and family will actually use and want to support them in living a healthier and happier lifestyle, we’ve got some great ideas.

Our pure calcium bentonite clay from the pristine Mojave Desert is a swelling clay with Montmorillonite properties from the Smectite family. Its amazing negative ionic molecules cleanse and purify by attracting impurities and toxins. The same electromagnetic charge stimulates cellular revitalization and transformation. 

Gift Ideas for Those Who Deserve a Little Pampering

  • Bentonite Clay Bath and Foot Soak
    • Earth’s Natural clay customers report feeling more grounded and sleeping better as a result of clay baths. Pamper your hard working friends and family by gifting them our Bath Powder. Each one pound pouch is good for two adult clay baths and more for children. Soaking in a warm clay bath naturally relaxes the body, exfoliates and increases circulation. Positively-charged toxins and impurities are drawn through the skin into the clay. Simply rinse the used clay bath water down the drain when finished. It is safe for sewer systems and septic tanks. You can also use the clay bathing powder to make a detox foot bath. Watch a video on how to make a foot bath here.  The soothing effects of the clay bring life back to cracked heals with a clay foot mask. Learn how to make one here.
  • Bentonite Clay Face Mask
    • When the goal is relaxation and feeling pampered, help family and friends avoid wasting money at pricey spas by bringing the spa to them. The calcium bentonite clay makes a fantastic face mask. You can feel your face pulse as it unclogs pores, exfoliates and increases circulation.

Gift Ideas for Athletes and Others Who Keep Active

  • Bentonite Clay Wound Warrior
    • This is the perfect gift for the always active and on-the-go friend as well as busy moms and people that spend time outdoors. Scrapes, cuts, and infections are no match for the amazing properties of the clay. Infections get drawn out. Scrapes and cuts are nourished through the healing process with minerals. The peace of mind knowing that there are no chemicals or additives is priceless too. Just 100% natural bentonite clay straight from the Mojave Desert. Wound warrior can speed recovery so there is less down time and more time spent doing what they love.
  • Muscle Mud
    • Bring your stiff, overworked body back to life with these essential oil-infused products. Our best-selling therapeutic mud combines pure calcium bentonite clay with a soothing essential oil blend in a castor oil base. When applied to sore muscles, this mud brings warmth and circulation to the area, easing tension and pain. A rejuvenating and therapeutic mud massage can soothe and revive tired, aching muscles. 

Gift Ideas for Health Nuts

  • Detox with Clay for Internal Use
    • Detoxing your body will help it perform at its best and combat everyday pollutants. Rid the body of unwanted toxins and impurities with a seasonal cleanse – especially after the holidays. Calcium bentonite clay is an all-natural, safe detoxifying agent that has been used by many cultures for thousands of years. The clay can be used both internally and externally. To activate the clay’s aDsorptive and aBsorptive properties, it must be hydrated. When hydrated, the negatively charged clay molecules attract positively charged toxins as it passes through the intestines. Then, the toxins are eliminated from the body through its normal elimination processes.
  • Bentonite Clay Wound Warrior
    • This one product can replace many creams and ointments in the typical first aid kit. Health nuts will love this gift for its versatility and chemical free ingredients. Anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties combine to speed healing and increase circulation at the site of application. It can be used for burns, bites, scratches, wounds, cuts, rashes, cysts, sores and more! 

Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

  • Earth’s Natural Animin
    • Sometimes the best gift for your pet-loving friends is something that will show you care about their pets too. Animals in the wild have been bred by nature to instinctually seek out mineralized clay for their own health and healing. Earth’s Natural® Animin is pure calcium bentonite clay for pets that can be used internally and/or externally by all species for: allergies, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, bacterial infections, diarrhea, parasites, hot spots and more! Our calcium bentonite clay for pets (Animim) is recommended by veterinarians. Learn more about Clay for Pets here.


With so many people making health and wellness New Year’s resolutions just after the holiday season, Earth’s Natural clay products are perfect for gift giving! Follow through on your healthy and happy holiday greeting by empowering your family and friends to be healthier with clay.   


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