Earth’s Natural Clay in Queensland, Australia

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Earth's Natural Clay In Queensland, Australia

The Spice Connection, Mount Isa, Queensland

Gail Bishop is the smiling face behind The Spice Connection in Mount Isa, Queensland, Australia. Gail owned a Cafe for nine and a half years and over the years evaluated how a majority of people LOVED spicy food and addicted to cooking shows on TV.  She started selling some spices from her cafe for a while.  When she sold the business and had a 6 month break, the time was right to open “SPICE CONNECTION”.  The ordering of herbs, spices and condiments led her offering tea and tea pots, another developing trend. She was branching out from one line to another, then another, and eventually gift lines were sourced to put with her other complementary products. It did not stop there! customers started asking for natural beauty products and essential oils,and another branch grew.  This is how she was lead to Earth’s Natural Clay. A customer of hers actually asked Gail to source it and see about offering it at The Spice Connection.

A Passionate Entrepreneur

Gail is passionate about The Spice Connection because she enjoy pleasing people and providing them with unique products. She knows that if you make customers happy, they will keep coming back. Nothing makes Gail smile more than when she hears them take a big,  deep breath as they step through the door, followed by “Mmmm smell those beautiful spices!”  They often take a big deep breath as they leave also, quietly smiling to herself because another pleased customer has just left. After 14 hour days in the cafe, Gail’s little haven is like a permanent holiday – sipping on cups of tea and listening to calming music, which she finds affects my customers. In fact some comment that they do not want to leave The Spice Connection because they feel so calm and relaxed!  In her spare time, Gail enjoys photography or cruising around in her toy – a Black 1965 Mustang Coupe. She also spends time with her family including six grandchildren!

We think a trip Down Under is in our future so we can enjoy the same experience Gail’s customers do!


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