How Scent Affects Your Mood

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How Scent Affects Your MoodWhat if you were told at any given moment you hold the ticket to be transported to a place of wellness? “The area of the brain used to process smells is actually part of the limbic system – the emotional center,” says Dr. Alan Hirsch, Director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. This foundation specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of smell and taste-related disorders. The limbic system, which senses and stores odor information, has a direct link to your emotional memories. Different scents can help stimulate moods putting you in the right mindset for the right moment.

Let Smell Transport You to a New Mood


  • Lavender
    • In moments of chaos or times of stress, let the calming scent of lavender transport you to a more serene place. Fulfill the need for tranquility so your kind nature can shine through. Chatting with friends or being in a small group can stimulate your need for conversation and nourish the thoughtful side of you as you listen to others.
  • Coffee
    • Looking for an energy boost or need to tackle a project? “We’re so conditioned to believe that coffee makes us alert that its smell alone is enough to provide an energy boost,” says Dr. Hirsch. Do something spontaneous for an instant pick-me-up. When you feel energized you have a willingness to dive into new experiences. Your infectious enthusiasm for life will thrive as you are transported by the aromatic scent of freshly roasted coffee beans.
  • Grass
    • Missing family and friends? Let the subtle scent of fresh grass take you back to your childhood. “The subtle scent of fresh green grass has been found to induce nostalgia,” reports Dr. Hirsch. If you’re drawn to this scent, it’s likely it brings back happy memories of time spent with family and friends. Your softer side will thank you for the trip down memory lane.
  • Citrus
    • Get creative and fuel your uninhibited nature with a pop of citrus essence. “The sharp acidic scent of citrus acts on an area of the brain that can increase excitement,” according to Dr. Hirsch. Go into a meeting ready to share your opinions and surprise yourself with a new found confidence and creativity.
  • Lilacs
    • For times when your optimism is the key to making it through the day, be sure to have a lilac essence around. The sweet scent of lilacs will appeal to the romantic in you. You’ll be more open to opportunities and you may even have a more positive outlook on things. Employees, family, and friends will thank you because you will boost their confidence about things too.


Incorporate New Scents into Your Clay Routine

  • Why not run yourself a clay bath and put a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the tub?
  • Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to your next clay mask. Whether its on your feet or your face, you’ll surely enjoy the aromatics.
  • Food-grade essential oil scents like citrus and coffee can add flavor to your clay drinking water or clay recipe.
  • If you’ll be sleeping with a clay compress on, try adding lavender essence to help you sleep soundly and boost the anti-bacterial property of the compress.


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