Caring for Your Aging Pet

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 Caring For Your Aging Pet

The average life expectancy for cats and dogs in America is between 10-14 years. By the time your beloved pet is 8 years old, they are well into adulthood and may show signs of aging. At this point, pets need extra attention and care to support them.

Earth’s Natural clay can be a wonderful way to ease your pets into old age. Clay can help heal sores and maintain healthy skin. It can also be used to relieve pain from inflamed muscles and arthritic joints.

Holistic Approach to Caring for Older Pets

According to pet industry estimates, half the dogs in the U.S. are over the age of six, and over 40 percent of cats are over seven years old. Taking a holistic approach to caring for your furry friend is key to keeping them happy well into old age. If your pets appear uncomfortable, don’t assume it’s just a natural part of aging. Twice-yearly vet visits are very important for older pets.  These visits will help you stay on top of physical and mental changes and ensure the animal is not in pain. Between vet visits, use clay therapy to help them stay healthy. There are a number of physical changes animals will experience as they age.

Clay for Aging Pets

As with people, muscles and joints weaken and infections can quickly escalate into serious health concerns.

Support Healthy Muscles and Joints

Older dogs and cats typically can’t exercise with the same intensity they once did. However, they still need regular physical activity in the form of walks or playful exercises. Keeping your pet physically active is key to maintaining a healthy weight and muscle mass. It can also control arthritis and degenerative joint disease. Animals suffering from the same ailments as humans should also benefit from incorporating pure calcium bentonite clay into their routine. Whether used internally or applied externally, many people report relief from arthritis and joint pain from using clay. Read their testimonials here.

Heal Cuts and Scrapes

With old age, comes frail skin. If your pet gets injured, Earth’s Natural clay can help them recover quickly and avoid infection. We received this letter from a pet owner who used clay to heal a scrape on her beloved pooch (click the image to read).

Boost Immune and Digestive Health

Supplementing your pet’s diet with calcium bentonite clay can not only provide relief to achy muscles and joint, but also support healthy body function. It stimulates the animal’s body to defend itself against unwanted organisms.

Earth’s Natural‘s Animin aids your pet’s immune system by gently detoxifying as it moves through the intestinal track, attracting parasites, impurities and toxins. This is especially important if your dog eats other animal’s feces, a disgusting but common practice. As their body is detoxified and stimulated, your pet’s immune system is strengthened and better able to fend off invaders on its own.

Read more about how to Heal Your Pet Naturally With Calcium Bentonite Clay.

Coconut Oil Massages for Your Senior Pet

Another option for keeping your pet physically healthy is the use of regular massages as recommended by Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian. “Regular massage can help keep your senior pet’s muscles toned and reduce the slackening that comes with aging. Massaged muscles are looser, which makes it easier for your pet to move around comfortably. Massage also improves circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage” she explains.

Dr. Becker also recommends using a coconut oil mask on your pet for healthy skin and nails. The coconut oil treatments helps to reduce flaking skin and improve the skin’s ability to resist pathogens like yeast and opportunistic bacteria. Combine the application of the coconut oil mask and the health benefits of the massage by giving your pet a coconut oil massage.

To massage your pet, use a flat palm to slowly rub your pet’s muscles. Focus on what you are feeling and your pet’s reaction to decide how much pressure to apply. The layers of fur, skin, fat, muscle, and bone will each need a slightly different amount of pressure. Start out with light pressure and slowly build up to a medium pressure depending on what your pet likes. Use the coconut oil to act as a lotion. Here is an instructional video by Dr. Becker about how to apply the coconut oil:


Incorporating clay into your pet’s diet can support their aging body. Applied externally, clay can help heal wounds and stave off infections. Consumed for internal use, clay can reduce inflammation and support healthy digestive function. In addition to clay, coconut oil is also a great source for all natural health. It will keep you pet’s fur and skin moisturized. And it can be added to your pet’s diet for even greater benefit. A little extra care now can mean more time with your beloved pet down the road.

What all natural remedies do you use for you pets? Share them with us in the comments below! 



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