Earth’s Natural Clay in Kansas City, Missouri

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Jan Fox of Kansas City, Missouri is a long time fan of calcium bentonite clay and other natural health remedies. Jan is the co-leader and founder of the Northland Getting Well Support Group, which meets the fourth Saturday of every month at Green Acres Market in Kansas City, Missouri.  The group hosts guest speakers each month and  members share how they address causes of ailments, giving each other hope along the path to healing. In addition, Jan and her co-leader Phyllis Woolard host a very active Facebook group. The Northland Getting Well Support Group currently has more than 600 members, including individuals from Paris, France, Ireland and other places around the globe. Anyone interested in natural health is welcome to join the group.

Jan accompanied Phyllis to a similar group meeting in Shawnee, Kansas – about an hour away from Kansas City. Jan thought “Why drive all this way? Let’s just start a group here” and Northland Getting Well Support Group was born.

Jan has been a fan of clay for so long, she can’t remember exactly where she learned about it. Being an avid researcher, she figures she read about clay somewhere and in her search for the very best clay for internal use, she found Earth’s Natural Clay. In Jan’s mind, staying healthy now pays big dividends as we age – and natural remedies are a lot cheaper than Western medical treatments for chronic illness and disease.

In her spare time, Jan teaches chair yoga to other seniors where she lives. She began taking yoga in 1968 and started teaching it in 1970. Come this spring, Jan will also be teaching chair yoga at a nearby fitness center in Kansas City and another yoga studio in Liberty Missouri. Jan is also an  herbalist, having studied herbalism for 5 years. She enjoys making tinctures, salves and other herbal remedies for herself and friends and family.

To buy clay from Jan in the Kansas City area, connect with Jan through The Northland Getting Well Support Group on Facebook.


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