Energy Healing and Bentonite Clay Baths

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Energy Healing And Bentonite Clay Baths

Wendell Hoffman was a self-taught energy healer born in Utah in 1918. He spent several years in industry and joined the military when World War II began. After the war, he worked in industry until 1969 when he entered the health field.  He lectured around the United States teaching people the art of analyzing. He did ‘experiments’ on his friends and family and other willing participants using natural elements. The information gleaned from these experiments provided new insights into the nature of many illnesses and disease. They also led to the development of different natural remedies, many of which are outlined in his book, Using Energy to Heal, published in 1979.

One of the natural remedies Wendell Hoffmann writes about in Using Energy to Heal is bentonite clay baths. Bentonite clay is one of several natural substances that Mr. Hoffmann describes as having a very high level of [positive] energy. This blog post is an abstract of the information included in Mr. Hoffman’s book.

Energy Healing

All matter – organic and inorganic – gives off high frequency electrical and magnetic vibrations. Tissues, glands and organs of the body emit energy. Infections, bacteria and other health problems disturb the energy balance in the body and produce unnatural electrical vibrations. Energy vibrations – both good and bad – are similar to radio waves. If you’ve ever noted “That person has a negative vibe about them” or “I got a good vibe from that person”, you’ve experienced the energy vibrations that exist in the world.

Energy healing is NOT practicing medicine. Work is not done to the physical body as medical doctors do, but rather, work is done on the ENERGY in the body. This in turn influences and affects the physical body.  Like a battery, the body can be fully charged with energy and when in that state, can do amazing things. Likewise, when energy is gone from the body, it is static and lifeless. In his book Using Energy to Heal, Mr.Hoffman writes about healing the body with energy, using special products or substances that have a very high level of energy. This energy causes the body to respond and restore itself to homeostasis much faster than would otherwise the case. Not surprisingly, bentonite clay is one of the high-energy products included in his suggested remedies.

Causes of Energy Imbalance

Wendell Hoffman notes four causes of energy disequilibrium that can rob vitality from the body and lead to illness:

  1. Elemental toxins including mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenic, radiation and carbon gases
  2. Non-food substances that we consume including pesticides, medications, narcotics, stimulants, food additives and processed foods
  3. Outside agents that invade the body including bacteria, yeast, mold, parasites and fungus
  4. Malnutrition and in particular, mineral deficiencies.


Clay Bath Detoxification

In his work helping patients get well through energy healing, Wendell Hoffman formulated a detoxification protocol that was considerably faster than the one he and other natural health practitioners of the time had been recommending. The previous detoxification protocol was slow and called for bathing for up to nine hours. Yikes!

He began experimenting on himself, using one pound of bentonite clay in a bath and soaking for one hour. When he checked his energetic vibrations for toxins, he had lost 100 units of toxins in that hour. The next time, he used two pounds of bentonite clay and soaked once again for one hour. This time, the bath was twice as effective in removing toxins. For his last experiment, he put four pounds of bentonite clay in the tub and stayed in the bath for 20 minutes. Before getting into the bathtub on this last occasion, his toxic level was 560 units. Immediately after the bath, his toxic level was zero! His conclusion was that the more bentonite used, the faster the detoxification.

In all the experiments Mr. Hoffman did, the organs gave a non-toxic reading after the bath. He explains that the blood had simply gone through the organs, picked up toxic vibrations and eliminated them through the skin into the bath water. Before trying this experiment yourself, you should be aware of the possible outcomes and specifically, a healing crisis.

Healing Crisis

While this protocol may be tempting for those with heavy metal poisoning and serious illnesses, know that bentonite clay baths are powerful. Too much exposure at once can throw the body into a healing crisis. With any detoxification program, intense application of the remedy causes more toxins to be released into the body at the same time. Toxins are just that – toxic. Too many toxins running through a system can create undesirable symptoms. This effect is also known as the Herxheimer reaction.


There are many smart, dedicated lay people that came before us who showed that natural remedies can be extraordinarily helpful in achieving health and wellness. Bentonite clay has a very special, positive energy that can be used to correct an energy imbalance in the body. Energy imbalance can be at the root of illness and disease. Likewise, balancing energy in the body can return the body to homeostasis so it can heal itself. Clay baths can be very useful in eliminating toxins and the other causes of energy disequilibrium. Caution should be taken to not overdo it in order to avoid a healing crisis.

We are grateful for Wendell  Hoffmann for bringing the special energy of bentonite clay to people through his work. Try this amazing gift from nature for yourself and see if its very special energy helps with your own journey to good health and wellness!


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