Bentonite Clay Helps with Allergies and Hay Fever

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Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth on planet Earth. For some people, it’s also a miserable time of year because of all the pollen and other airborne plant matter circulating. Fortunately, calcium bentonite clay may be able to help hay fever and allergy sufferers. The following is an excerpt from The Clay Cure: Natural Healing from the Earth, by Ran Knishinsky, Healing Arts Press, Rochester, VT

Allergies and hay fever are caused by the release of histamines. The liver becomes plugged up with toxins and fatty tissue and therefore becomes inefficient in it's attempt to naturally neutralize the allergic reactions. The first thing to do is clean and rebuild the liver.  Once that is done, the allergies and hay fever may disappear.

Clay Neutralizes Allergens

The good news about clay is that not only will it help stimulate the eliminatory channels, but it can effectively treat allergies and hay fever.  Adsorption is a relatively quick process–almost instantaneous in certain cases. The adsorptive surfaces of the clay prevent the allergic reaction by quickly neutralizing allergens before these foreign invaders can attach themselves to the blood cells. In addition, any histamines produced by the allergens that have “gotten away” can also be quickly adsorbed.  Water-soluble allergens are bound up by clay because if its intense hydrophilic (water-loving) nature.

Some people, after taking the clay, notice an immediate improvement in their condition.  Sometimes the allergies and hay fever disappear altogether.  Others see no sudden improvement and must keep taking the clay quite a while before they obtain visible results. The reaction, of course, depends on the state of the liver and the condition of the immune system.  A healthier liver will bounce back more quickly than one that is sick.

If you do not achieve results relatively quickly, then give the clay time to work.  One heaping teaspoon once per day in a glass of purified water will be sufficient. In the meantime, take advantage of homeopathic detoxification remedies and herbal formulas to stimulate cleansing.

Note: Hives are a skin rash that is typically due to an allergic reaction. The same suggestions for allergies and hay fever can be applied in this case. If you suffer from any of these allergic reactions, you should consider added Earth's Natural Clay to part of your medicinal routine. 



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