Colostrum May Be Good for What Ails You

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Colostrum May Be Good For What Ails you

In an earlier blog post, we wrote about leaky gut syndrome and how calcium bentonite clay may help. Leaky gut syndrome is more common than you may think. Many people that suffer from it don’t even know they have it, which is why educating yourself on what it is, what causes it and how it can be resolved are so important to good health.

This post is written from an interview by Dr. Cherilyn Lee with Dr. Doug Wyatt on her blogtalkradio show. Dr. Wyatt is considered ‘the father of colostrum’. He has worked to bring this important gift from nature to people that want to address allergies, heal and strengthen the GI tract and improve immune system function.

Colostrum and the Immune System

Dr. Doug Wyatt says that the only thing that was designed to heal, protect and make the gastrointestinal (GI) tract perfect is colostrum. Colostrum is the first food of life. Colostrum is not mother’s milk; it is a pre-milk and is the most powerful immunological substance in the world. To better understand the benefits of colostrum, we first have to understand the immune system – the body’s way of defending itself.

All mammals are born without an immune system; at birth, it’s not turned on yet. If a developing mammal had an intact immune system, it would be fighting its mother’s body in the womb. Colostrum’s main function is to kickstart the operation of the immune system. The second function of colostrum is to deliver antibodies that can destroy disease-causing pathogens of all kinds – viral, bacterial and yeast. Dr. Wyatt says that colostrum can pass on immunity to every disease-causing pathogen our mother and her mother and grandmother came into contact with prior to birth.

Humans have an immature GI tract and immune system at birth on purpose – that is to allow colostrum to pass this immunity into our blood stream directly. Colostrum also contains skin growth hormones that heal and closes holes in the GI Tract. This is why breastfeeding is so vital to a newborn baby’s health and wellbeing. If a baby is not breastfed for the first two years of life, then the digestive tract never reaches full maturity and can result in leaky gut. Putting colostrum from cows into the diet of infants that are not being breastfed puts growth hormones and immune factors into the dietary process. As a result of babies not being breastfed long enough – or at all! – there is now an epidemic of people that have never had their bowels fully matured. These individuals often end up with allergies, food sensitivities, Type 1 diabetes and autism, all of which are related to leaky gut. According to Dr. Wyatt, if you have gluten allergies, any auto immune disorder, food allergies, inflammatory heart disease or diabetes, you have leaky gut.

Colostrum and Gut Health

Taken on a regular basis, colostrum can prevent leaky gut syndrome and keep the GI tract healthy and prevent the onset of chronic disease. Colostrum has the ability to eliminate infection, stop the crossover of toxins into the blood stream, cleanse the body and bring immune system function into normal ranges.

Colostrum contains the components that regulate production of serotonin and dopamine. There is a correlation between the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body and depression and post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The serotonin and dopamine found in colostrum have a calming effect.  Colostrum heals leaky gut, aids the intestinal system in functioning better and increases the ability to uptake nutrients. Colostrum also enables better use of protein to repair and rebuild muscles and provides growth hormones to do that. It also provides brain chemicals that balance the emotional factors.

Colostrum and Dairy Allergies

Can you take colostrum if you’re allergic to dairy? To answer this, first understand that virtually all over the world – in Europe, Asia, Africa –the first domesticated animals were ruminated animals – cows, sheep, goats. And, humans drank the milk of these animals and never had allergies to them. We have allergies now because milk is homogenized. Keep in mind, homogenization is not pasteurization. Homogenization involves putting milk through a high pressure nozzle that breaks the milk molecule down to less than 1/100th of previous size. These teeny tiny molecules can then pass through bowel wall, even if there isn’t any injury to the bowel – because the molecule is so small. It passes through the bowel into the blood stream and causes allergy.

Colostrum isn’t milk. Colostrum is pre-milk. Over 4,000 years’ use by people around the world, there have never been any allergies to colostrum. Colostrum heals the gastrointestinal tract. Leaky gut syndrome causes food allergies. When you no longer have leaky gut you can eat practically anything. It will eliminate allergies. Colostrum is a great natural remedy for auto immune diseases (where the body creates an allergy to itself and attacks itself).  The key is to heal the GI tract and in so doing, bring the immune system into balance. Colostrum was made for our species by nature over 100 million years of evolution. Dr. Wyatt says there is nothing safer than colostrum and it is also safe for children.

Dr. Wyatt’s Recommendations for Taking Colostrum

There are no side effects associated with taking colostrum. It’s best taken before bed because growth hormones work during sleep. It’s recommended to take colostrum twice a day for optimum benefit.
Dr. Wyatt advises that how much one takes depends on what issue is being addressed. For chronic diseases, more would be taken. Dr. Wyatt recommends NOT taking growth hormones on an isolated basis.  Check with your healthcare professional before starting any new regimen or making other changes to your diet.


Mother Nature provides an amazing array of gifts that can help improve our health and wellness. Colostrum is one of those gifts that can heal the gut and thereby improve the immune response. An intact, functioning immune system is key to preventing chronic disease



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