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Clay and Natural Treatments
While not part of standard Western medical treatment, bentonite clay has been recommended by doctors for more than a century. Native Americans have used clay for hundreds of years and there are biblical references to clay as a healing agent as well. Other indigenous cultures around the world have likewise used clay for generations.

Raymond Dextreit

The most well-known doctor to advance the use of clay is French homeopath Raymond Dextreit, author of Our Earth, Our Cures. Being WAY ahead of his time (having been born in 1908), he promoted consumption of food and herbs for their lifeforce and vitality. Like Hippocrates, he fervently believed that living food was the best medicine. In that same vein, he believed that clay was a living food. He believed that clay was one of three prized substances from the earth that promoted health and well-being. Of these three valuable gifts from the earth (mud, sand and clay), he was most interested in clay. Every remedy he prescribed – regardless of the ailment – included the use of clay. Dextreit’s recommended protocol for using clay internally involved taking clay daily for three weeks then abstaining for one week. After that point, he recommended taking clay one week on and one week off and so on. According to Dextreit, consuming the right type of clay brings the body into balance – or homeostasis. Dextreit also noted that different clays acted differently on different people and recommended individuals try different types of clay to see which they responded to best.

Dr. Julius Strumpf

Dr. Julius Strumpf discovered clay’s value in 1882 when a corpse that had been buried in clay for a little over 3 years was exhumed. Examination of the body showed remarkable preservation. Some years later Dr. Strumpf began using clay paste to treat septic wounds with excellent results. He found the clay protected the wound from irritation as well as healed it. Many years later, he began administering clay for internal use for patients suffering from dysentery, diarrhea, gangrene and cholera. Dr. Stumpf convinced naturopath Dr. Louis Kuhne to treat Serbian soldiers that had been banished to a cholera camp to be treated with clay. Amazingly, mortality rate dropped from 44 percent to 3 percent! Thereafter, Dr. Kuhne prescribed clay therapy for ALL cases of intestinal distress.

Pastor Emanuel Felke

Another German naturopath, Pastor Emanuel Felke advocated applications of clay including clay baths. In fact, he was known as the clay pastor. He recommended that his patients sleep on clay floors or straw mattresses open to the elements. As part of his regimen, clay baths followed breakfast and were taken outside during warmer months. During cooler months, hydrated clay mud was applied to the body and the patient sat in the modern equivalent of a sauna.

Dr. Simon Cohen

Dr. Simon Cohen is a retired, British physician who worked for many years in the intensive care unit at University Hospital College in London. According to Dr. Cohen, clay works not just on the intestinal tract, but on the entire organism. He states that clay works on all organs of the body and that all unhealthy substances in the body give off negative radiations (not to be confused with negative ions). These toxic substances are drawn to the clay and together are immediately eliminated from the body. Dr. Cohen notes that hospitals outside the United States are using clay as part of some of their protocols because its effectiveness has been substantiated.


Many people that are drawn to consuming clay are also skeptical of Western medicine. For these people, the word “doctor endorsed” hold little value and in some cases may create even more skepticism. In spite of this outlook, it is important to be able to look back in time and see some of the amazing health care professionals that have recommended using clay. The fact that there is indeed a history of clay use means that it is not a passing fad. Rather, bentonite clay use is a time-tested natural remedy that is gaining acceptance because of the remarkable testimonies from ordinary people.

Western medicine and medical doctors have their place in today’s complicated world. With this in mind, individuals are best served when they take responsibility for their own health and wellness. Those that listen to their bodies and intuition first often enjoy good health and vitality well into their golden years.


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