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Meet Stan Zimmer and Ferment2HealthyStan Zimmer is the owner of Ferment2Healthy, an online store and educational resource started to share about the health benefits of eating and drinking fermented foods and supplements. Stan has personally witnessed the amazing benefits of fermented foods when his father suffered from crippling ulcerative colitis. As a result, he began cultivating his own yogurt for his father who had a nearly-miraculous recovery from eating Stan’s yogurt. In addition to educating people on the benefits of consuming fermented products, the Ferment2Healthy website also seeks to bring natural products and information about them to site visitors. Stan features products that he has researched and used himself.




Stan learned about clay through an advertisement he received about Amazonian Macaws that eat clay from a riverbank in Peru. Scientists discovered why these birds have a taste for dirt – the healing properties of clay. Read more about this phenomenon here. From this first encounter about geophagy (the consumption of clay), Stan did research on the web. He discovered Earth’s Natural Clay had the best information about bentonite clay  – and the best prices as well.

How Ferment2Healthy Started

Stan has always researched health-related books and products. He enjoys explaining and introducing the benefits people get by being proactive in the care of their own health.  Stan enjoys making his own kefir, kombucha, and fermented veggies. The Essential Supplements section of Ferment2Healthy allows him to introduce visitors to other products and also about animals as well.  Stan and his wife are determined to make drinking two ounces of calcium bentonite clay first thing in the morning part of their routine – and doing foot baths as well. He actually likes making a clay mask even more than his wife! Sometimes simple steps can help us in our walk through life.

In Stan’s Spare Time….

Even though Stan and his wife have a small lot in a 55+ community, they still have several little garden spots. They grow blueberries, Ningxia wolfberries,  flowers and veggies. Stan likes digging in the earth. Where he and his wife live in southern Salem, Oregon it is mainly clay soil, so he has to work hard using Bokashi to ferment his own compost! Each year the garden is getting better!


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