Reversing the Effects of Lead Exposure with Bentonite Clay

Posted by Bradley Lewis on

The recent water crisis in Flint, Mich has had tragic effects on adults, children, and pets in and around the area who believed that the water provided to them by the city was safe to use and drink as normal. Even small amounts of ingested lead can be dangerous, and sadly, the effects of lead poisoning can be life altering. As such, many Flint residents are naturally afraid to consume the water, and are wondering what they can do to reverse the effects of lead exposure they have already been forced to endure.

In order for the water supply to decontaminate, Michigan officials are urging the people of Flint to filter the water before they resume using it. While filters may be able to help remove lead from the water supply, it will not remove lead that is already inside the body. Fortunately, studies have shown that bentonite clay has the ability to remove heavy metals, including lead, from the body.

Specifically, a 2008 study found that montmorillonite superfine composite (MSC), like our bentonite clay, significantly reduced lead concentrations in the kidneys, livers, hair, blood, brains, and bones of animals exposed to this incredibly harmful substance. Bentonite clay contains small traces of natural metallic components that, when ingested, bind with the lead and other contaminants in the body to help remove these toxins from the body. 

Bentonite clay is safe for you, your children, and even your pets to consume and can easily be mixed with drinking water. The clay is affordable and just a small amount each day can offer healing effects. If your family has been touched by the Flint water crisis, bentonite clay is a remarkable solution that can help reverse the effects of lead on your body. Additionally, if you find yourself still concerned about the water supply, even after using a filter, the clay can offer an additional barrier between you and lead poisoning.

Earth's Natural Clay is a premium brand of bentonite clay sourced in Death Valley, California. It is of the smectite clay group, which is best at removing toxins. Our product is sun dried, and then undergoes a milling process creating a fine powder that is easy to consume.

If you live in or near Flint and your children, pets, and other family members have been exposed to lead, we know that your trust has been broken and that you are likely overwhelmed by the ramifications of such inexcusable municipal negligence. While nothing can undo the emotional turmoil you’ve already experienced, we may be able to help undo the physical effects of this disaster. For a safe, natural, and inexpensive way to protect you entire family from lead's dangerous effects, try Earth's Natural Clay.


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